Rethink what Social Media
can achieve for your brand


We start with the fundamentals

What are the social platforms that drive lasting brand growth, and why?

How do consumer, competitive and algorithmic dynamics shape social media ROI?

What are most important KPIs and why?

What are the emerging content codes of successful content?

Relative roles of owned vs paid Earned vs community activity

Client-specific intelligence

Who is outperforming in the category? How are they doing it?

What are client strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities?

What are winning content codes, do’s and don’ts for videos, visuals in 2024?

What should investment priorities be? Core strategies? Actionable playbooks on Owned vs Earned?


Our approach

We track and measure over a million brand and influencer accounts, #topics and keywords across key social media platforms to assess their performance, growth, and inter-dependencies.

Our analytics engine surfaces strategic, tactical, and content insights, benchmarks and best practices to uncover the ins and outs of owned and earned performance.

Samples of client studies

Cross-platform social media strategy definition

How to win, KPIs that matter, what to prioritise, how to activate

Performance assessment (owned, earned)

Who’s winning? How are we doing? How to cost effectively do better?

Recurrent reporting vs peers

Rapid performance management loops for faster improvements

Content & Influencer playbooks

All teams need to master owned and earned design and activation

Deep dive into specific competitor(s), key consumption season, launch


X-ray into a specific vertical or topic

Strategy, do’s and don’ts to marry brand building with sustainability, clean beauty, secondhand market, etc

About Us

With backgrounds in insights, consulting and PR, we have been helping over 250 brands across beauty, fashion, drinks, watches & jewellery, travel, automotive and health, including most of the 20 largest FMCG and luxury companies.

We remain fiercely independent, following only the data, single-mindedly focused on improving client performance.

Our favourite marketing touchpoints: recommendations that grow client value, word-of-mouth.
Our favourite KPI: over 95% of first-time clients become repeat clients.

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